Pamela R.
My experience was very good I wasn’t waiting long. Very nice and polite Doctor and staff.

Marcia M.

Kassidy S.
Dr Lefkowitz and his staff are some of the most compassionate and amazing healthcare professionals that I have ever met. Every part of their care, from their ability to get me a same day appointment, to the procedures and pain management tools they are able to give, are simply unparalleled. I have never been treated with such care and treated so warmly as I have by Dr Lefkowitz and his staff. They truly work hard to understand your pain and come up with a plan of action to care for you and make you feel better. I am treated like a human being when I am there, my pain is validated and I am heard. What a wonderful place, I recommend these lovely people so much.

Erick P.
Exceptional service

Donna R.
Lefkowitz office personnel are very professional and I like the atmosphere of people in his office and he very nice doctor also

Michelle S.

Jonathan S.
In and out in no time. I was the second patient of the day and I saw Dr. L within minutes. Took care of my shoulder and recommended a course of treatment. Would definitely recommend!

Consuelo M.
Always pleasant experience and good vibes..Staff is warm n friendly..

Jesusa M.
I was so happy that Dr. Lefkowitz reached out to see that I was doing well after my procedure. I liked his caring n understanding. He gave me a VIP TREAMENT. THANK YOU Dr. Lefkowitz n staff.

Margaret T.
Very good.

Mazie M.
Dr. M. L. is very gentle with his patients and really knows his word and do it well, thank you Dr.

Wilhelmina A.
Whenever I visit Dr. Lefkowitz I always receive a nice welcome from the staff. He’s such a great doctor who’s caring. And make you feel that you will be taken care of. I never feel like he doesn’t understand how your feeling. He takes care of you,and listens to you. A great doctor…

William P.
Dr. Lefkowitz has been my Pain management physician for many years. I suffer with spinal stenosis and Torn ACL and Meniscus tear. Dr. Lefkowitz has given me amazing care. I profoundly appreciate his bedside manner and his care of my situations. I would recommend Dr. Lefkowitz to anyone that needs pain management.

Kevin B.
Very pleasant environment with a great staff. Dr. Lefkowitz sensed the source of my back pain and successfully found a remedy. I’m quite satisfied.

Karen L.
Simply great thanks again

Robert B.
The best pain management Doctor ever. I strongly recommend this Doctor.

Betty W.

Irene P.
The staff are friendly and courteous. The doctor is personable, caring and friendly. He is someone you can ask questions and get good feedback.

Most comforting doctor when in pain! Always give best advice and treatment Relief for my health complain❤️ I get relief results that lasted and never, resurfaced! Grateful I am to doctor Matthew Lefkowitz

Nancy B.
When I arrived 5 min early for my appointment, instead of sitting in the waiting room, the nurse took me right in to an exam room. After a wait time of about six minutes, I talked to the nurse and Dr. Lefkowitz. In an out so quickly! The people in this office are the best!

Jesse C.
He’s thorough, honest and he cares

Stephanie C.
Dr. Lefkowitz is a life saver! Incredibly knowledgeable and able to assist with pain that dozens of doctors could not.

Eddie A.
Dr Lefkowitz is place to go for pain management and treatment. With a ‘welcoming’ atmosphere from the front desk to the ‘room’ assessment/consultation you are treated with utmost courtesy with a careful and patient analysis of your ailment. You will leave the office feeling much better than when you entered.

Valerie O.
Staff showed a great level of professionalism.

Cheryl N.
Great as usual.

Eddie A.
Pain management begins from the time you reach this office. The courteous, efficient staff paves the way for the consultation with this caring, informed medical practitioner. This office envoronment truly performs miracles as it is coupled with the precise scientific expertise and patience of Dr. Lefkowitz.

Betty B.
my first visit went well, Dr. made me feel safe and trustworthy of his decision made for my future treatments.recommend me for Therapy, because I was a bit nervous, until he explained to me how he was going to treat me. Thank You Dr. Lefkowitz,MD

Connie H.
Gd Morning WORLDWIDE my Dr M.Lefkotwitz & Team Females,Males who get All patients ready comfortable questioning ask pressure taken oh tasteful juice ,ready set here comes our DR ,I Believe I Ms. Connie R Hall, ⭐Starsha Shall Speak for myself & All Appreciate Awesome Amazing Amen Dr,Team Family WE 2❤

Grace R.
I’ve been to Dr Lefkowitz a few times for a shoulder issue, and he’s been consistently kind, generous and informative. Huge plus, not very long waiting times at his office.

Jen G.
Amazing office staff! Caring and professional doctor who listens and treats with care and sensitivity! Grateful for his care!

SandrA J.

Graham D.
Pleasant and the Doctor and staff were very nice..

Marla J.
I had a very good experience on my first visit to Dr Matthew’s office. He was very hands on and very reassuring. Hoping everything will continue to get better each week

Carlo M.
this is one of the best doctor I have ever met bless ❤ ♥

Samantha C.
Love love love!

Dominick R.
Dr. Lefkowitz is excellent. I have been to other pain doctors for my foot and ankle. They have helped. Dr. Lefkowitz has targeted a procedure for me that is extremely effective. Thank you doctor Lefkowitz. I strongly recommend others in pain to seek out Dr. Lefkowitz.

Sonia O.
The staff was very friendly and helpful to the patients. Was a very pleasant visit.

Sheila D.
My experience was excellent.

Tracey B.
Always awesome!

Myoshi P.

Elsie L.
Dr. Lefkowitz has a great bedside manner. His staff is also pleasant. I received immediate pain relief for my arthritis with a cortisone shot.

Millicent P.
The experience is always great he helps with my pain all the time.

Gary G.
DR Leftkowitz is terrific! His staff is wonderful and courteous. They always follow up and are attentive to my aches and pains. I’ve been a patient five years now. DR Leftkowitz is the best.

Michael A.
He is an amazing doctor . Always willing to help to

Ramon C.
Dr. Lefkowitz was very attentive and understood my needs. Very kind and thorough. His staff were all extremely efficient and made the visit enjoyable. Thank you!

Donald T.

Tina C.
My dr is great I would recommend him to anyone and I have sent him patients he is very good at doing his job a great person also

Mary W.
Very nice doctors and staff

Pamela M.
This is office front n back office operates like a smooth engine The staff looks friendly helpful n knowledgeable My experience was a pleasant one and the doctor listened n answered all my questions and concerns. Two things stood out: He let me know he’d be with me in 5 minutes top! He n staff understood the need for their mask to be lowered because I have hearing loss n do lip reading to help me understand communication. Thank you so much

Wayne D.
As usual with Dr. Lefkowitz, focused, caring and accommodating.

Margaret. V. T.
Very Hospitable. The staff are very friendly and courteous.

Nancy C.

Edith H.
I love the office I love the atmosphere with you walked up with you people were so polite and the doctor he was great he broke it down to me and I appreciate it thanks for your help guys hope you can make me feel better I feel that you will need to get back to my old self again

Professional Staff Caring Dr.Lefkowitz never long waiting clean office, bathroom

Vikia J.
Nice and efficient office. Timely and professional.

Yajaira P.
Felt relief of pain within hours and no pain within 48 hours of injection. Able to walk a few blocks when I wasn’t able to walk 1 block on day of appt. Thank you.

Jerry O.
great practice

Tyrone O.
Awesome. He’s a great person and he cares.

Charles D.
One word curious

Lena J.
AWESOME! Everyone was so professional and helpful. The ladies at the front are the Best!

Frances F.
It was a very pleasant experience both Dr. Lefkowitz and his assistant Zack were professional, courteous and showed great concern for my well being. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who needed his type of expertise.

Catherine H.

Carl K.
Prompt Very professional Efficient

Albert M.
Staff is very courteous and professional. Dr Lefkowitz is very engaging and forthcoming in disseminating the right information towards successful treatment outcome.

Rachel G.
I was very satisfied with the doctor and also the staff.

Maureen G.
Brian and Zac were professional warm. (Only note: I received the Risks and Benefits of Steroid injection, but did not have a chance to read, before Dr. Lefkowiz came in to administer injections. Feeling aftermath. Hopefully the discomfort dissipates.

Maria A.
He’s the best pain management doctor I ever had he’s a great doctor

Charlen E.
First of all my wait time was pleasantly surprising, because I hadn’t been a patient here in along time. time. Secondly,the young man who attended to me was very courteous, when Dr. Lefkowitz came he to was was as warm as I remembered. All in all in all the care I received was first rate.

Kathleen P.
I had a good patient experience at Dr. Lefkowit. Everyone was professional and give good care to me as a patient.

Teak P.
My visits are always great and genuine. The doctor and staff are always polite, professional and friendly. They make you feel welcome.

Joyce S.
I’ve been a patient of Dr Lefkowitz for years and I love the way he treats his patients and the staff is very reliable and caring

Kristine S.
I felt cared for. The assistants were very sweet, allowed me to be my chatty self. Dr M… was wonderful, totally understood me, and today… I’m feeling better than I have in years. What works for me not work for you, it’s our physiology. Hang tough, he will find honestly care. Pain sucks our life force out, crushes our spirit. Keep positive, I know it’s hard.

Lana L.
Intellegent, detailed, effective.

Hettie L.
I am not related, just the same last name. Everyone in the office and the group getting you ready to see the Dr are so friendly. Dr. Goes out of his way to make it as painless as possible. Highly recommend. Also, the wait time is not bad at all

Julia R.
I had a wonderful experience. They treat you like family, they are very concerned about your problem. I will heighly recomend Dr. Lefkowitz office.

Kurt M.
My treatments for my pain is good Dr Lefkowitz is the best

Onaldo E P.
I could not walk, sit, nor straighten up last week. In fact it’s been awhile since my last visit. Dr. Lefkowitz laid the Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation Left side lower back on me, I straightened up. Right side next in days. Can’t wait

Lucia A.
Excellent service always

Jeremiah D.
Very professional Doctor Lefkowitz is excellent. Staff is polite and very respectful. Will gladly recommend to anyone who needs a pain doctor.

Tracey B.
Friendly informative staff

Courtney W.
I adore Dr L. Been a longtime patient and we’ve gotten close over the years to the point where he knows the right docs to refer me to, is fully empathetic to my resistance to back surgeries (which are extremely likely to make things far worse…which would put me in a chair) and he trusts me to know my own body and how medicines do and don’t work for me. We always have a great check-in chat and as warm as he is informed on local providers, be they individual docs or treatment facilities. And unlike *some* pain doctors, he’s never pushed harmful meds at be, in liue of the more effective and direct ones that patients and providers know work best. Not only that but he’s never put me on multiple meds that have insanely dangerous interactions, as has happened with two pains docs working under extremely highly regarded hospitals. Unfortunately, the powers that be have shoved all legitimate pain doctors between a rock and a hardplace and no patient should be so ill-informed in this day and age, as to actually blame the doctors for no longer being able to provide some of the aforementioned, directly effective and powerful medicines. There is nothing the doctors can do, so long as said powers are allowed to rule unchecked, making up their rules as they go and making things endlessly more difficult and ultimately dangerous for people in truly severe chronic pain. If your doctor is good, and mine is great, you should never push them to do what will cause them to lose their licenses, among other things. That and even if certain doctors relent, Good Luck at your pharmacy, where *they* have been impowered to make medical decisions for you, especially after the insurance companies have ruled what is even within FDA guidelines is too strong or too many. You very well may longer be allowed to pay out of pocket, so long as the insurance covered a percentage of your overall script. And that’s just when the pharmacist doesn’t outright refuse to fill. Not even remotely talking just opioids here, THAT is how out of control things have become. Plus, all pharmacies now have access to whether or not a person has insurance. These are all things that every pain patient in NY/C much remain cognizant of, when having what they deem a poor experience, with any given pain doctor. If it revolves around medication and they aren’t doing anything especially harmful, like pushing crap combinations of potentially crap medications, you have to ask yourself a series of other questions re: overall care (within current confines), before going off at the mouth about how awful your pain doc treated you. Yes, you count, SO much, but that doesn’t mean your doctor, who is doing the absolute best with what they’ve got, should lose their license or sit in a jail cell, just so your medicine cabinet is ideally stocked. Patients need to get involved on any level they can, in terms of the state and it’s polics. But where rating your doctor is concerned, if they’re warm and fuzzy, if they give you SOMETHING that helps in a meaningful way with your pain (and doesn’t cause you undue harm), if they don’t suddenly yank you off or greatly reduce those meds that work for you (regardless of them being non-narcotic, etc.), if they offer multiple major and minor office procedures to further manage it, if they are knowledgeable and willingly refer you to the specialists and surgeons who will further meet your needs and if their office staff is equally caring, HELPFUL, going out of their way to be just that (as Dr L’s entire staff is) and regularly on-point, then that doctor is deserving of your 4-5 stars. The present climate remains a nightmare for so many in agony but you’ve got to remember that it is equally so for the doctors who treat us. IF change is possible, it’s not going to come from your appointments. It sucks to high heavens, particularly when you’re feel terrible and can barely manage the basics in your life, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Wish it was as simple as effecting change in the doctor’s office, but we all know that is truly not the case. Many Blessings to All

Diane P.
I was in great pain when I arrived at Dr.Lefkowitz office. After being triage by the nurse i was seen by DR. Lefkowitz. Upon explaining my pains and answering other questions I was treated for my pains. Within hours I was feeling less pain.

Marilyn M.
Very helpful

I highly recommend the radio frequency . Excellent results.

The doctor and staff is professional , patient and very understanding. been going here for about years

Your team provided me with excellent care. Your treatment was very successful. I have recommended my friends to you. Thanks for everything.

Gordon E.
I was doing some work in my house and a bad move caused me unable to walk for from my bedroom to the bathroom , after consultation with Dr Mat, and a couple a shot (injections) and he put back on my feet again . great team in Brooklyn.

Eleanor R.
Excellent doctor and completely satisfied

Eleanor R.
Completely Satisfied!!

Cynthia W.
I will more to help with my pain

Carmen S.
Totally professional from front desk staff to one of the greatest doctors l know proud to have you as my pain management Dr thanks to you my quality of life is much better.

Daniel C.

Leslie T.
As always very Dr Lefkowitz was very professional and accommodating staff is awesome

Cheryl N.
Totally professional. I loved it. I will use them again and recommend this establishment favorably to my friends and colleagues.

Felix O.
These are the people who no what they are doing.very professional to their patients

Patricia T.
Each very at Dr. Lefkowitz office was amazing because I was greeting and treated like family not just another patient. An he talks too me, not at me explaining every detail of the injections! An he along with his assists gave me different places that are free to go exercise, besides what I do at home.

Ikime G.
He is such a sweet and understanding doctor

Darlene D.
Very Good

Edith W G.
From the time you walk into the office, there is a warm, friendly and courteous atmosphere. The staff seems to strive for the best and most professional service that could be offered.

Hilary C.
I was seen same day for trigger point injections. Only bad part was the lack of air conditioning in the waiting room and it was 90 degrees outside. Everything else was stellar.