What insurances do you accept?
We accept all major insurances.

Is there parking near the office?
Yes. Parking is available across the street from our office at 180 Montague Street. Icon parking offers parking reservations for approximately $20.

Does Dr. Lefkowitz use fluoroscopy?
Yes. Fluoroscopy, or live X-ray, allows Dr. Lefkowitz to provide safer and more efficacious procedures. Dr. Lefkowitz has had extensive training in fluoroscopy. Please let the staff or Dr. Lefkowitz know before any procedure if you think you may be pregnant.

Do you provide medication management in addition to interventions?
Yes. Dr. Lefkowitz will discuss medication management on an individual basis, but he aims to find a solution to your pain that does not require chronic narcotic use.

Where are the procedures performed?
All procedures are performed in our Brooklyn Heights office in the fluoroscopy suites.

Can I receive general anesthesia for the procedure?
Dr. Lefkowitz is highly adept at the injections he performs, and because all procedures take under ten minutes, for reasons of safety, it is his policy not to sedate patients before a procedure. However, Dr. Lefkowitz and his staff make great efforts to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Do I need to stop my blood thinner prior to the injection?
For certain procedures, you must discontinue blood thinners prior to the injection. You must obtain permission to stop this medication from the physician who had prescribed you this medication. The amount of time for which you must discontinue the medication depends of the type of blood thinner you are currently taking.