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When it comes to managing chronic and debilitating pain, the road has long been paved with short-term solutions that only mask the underlying problem. In Brooklyn Heights, New York, Mathew Lefkowitz, MD, and his team bring a fresh approach to pain management that not only provides much-needed relief but offers long-term solutions that avoid unnecessary drugs and risky surgeries.

The group at Mathew Lefkowitz, MD, prides itself on finding solutions for their patients, and not stopping until the problem is fixed and their patients can get back to enjoying active and healthy lives.

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Dr. Lefkowitz and his staff are also well versed in the latest regenerative practices, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies. These two therapies tap the human body’s amazing resources to promote faster healing, tissue regeneration, and relief from inflammation. The team often uses these therapies in conjunction with treatments to relieve immediate pain for long-lasting results.

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